Acrylic / Acrílico Painting / Pintura

Medium Acrylic Painting / Pintura em Acrílico Média

February 12, 2018

I started this painting 2 or 3 years ago. I think I’m going to finally leave it aside.
I’m currently painting several canvases at the same time so that I…

Animation / Animação Book Illustration / Ilustração de Livros; Children's Illustration / Ilustração Infantil Illustration / Ilustração Pen / Caneta Portrait / Retrato Sketches / Esboços

Flash Animation Illustrations / Ilustrações para Animação em Flash

February 5, 2018

These were illustrations I made for a project about SIM cards in India.
Please see the flash animation in the following link:
Estas foram ilustrações que fiz para um projecto sobre…

Acrylic / Acrílico In progress / Em progresso

Paintings in progress / Pinturas em progresso

January 12, 2018


I’m still developing my creative work. I have lots of ideas for my work but haven’t been able to execute them yet. I want to add more line to…

Colored Pencils / Lápis de Cor Creative Process / Processo Criativo Drawing Videos / Videos Desenho Indian Ink / Tinta-da-China Watercolor / Aguarela

Dance Drawings Video / Desenhos Dança Video

October 14, 2017

 I want to start making videos for YouTube. I want to show you how I work and how I create these images.Please subscribe to my channel, I’ll update it…

Dance Drawings / Desenhos Dança Reed Pen / Cálamo Sketches / Esboços


September 30, 2017

  After several years of illness, I’m slowly coming back to my normal workflow.***Depois de vários anos a passar por uma fase de doença, estou finalmente a conseguir voltar à…