Paintings in progress / Pinturas em progresso

Acrylic / Acrílico In progress / Em progresso
January 12, 2018


I’m still developing my creative work. I have lots of ideas for my work but haven’t been able to execute them yet. I want to add more line to my paintings, but I also want to make them more free. I need to paint, paint, paint.
This is just the initial phase of these paintings. Will be posting them as they go.


Ainda estou a desenvolver o meu trabalho criativo. Tenho muitas ideias para o meu trabalho, mas ainda não consegui executá-las. Quero adicionar mais linhas às minhas pinturas, mas também quero torná-las mais livres. Preciso de pintar, pintar, pintar.
Esta é apenas a fase inicial destas pinturas. Irei publicá-las ao longo do tempo.

Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! my name is Catarina and I'm an artist and a freelance illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal! Dreamer. Freethinker. Endless Curiosity. Introvert. Love psychology and self-knowledge, knowledge, culture, traveling. Vegetarian. Trying to be as raw and free as possible inside a sick society.

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