September 13, 2017

This was a test illustration for a children’s book I was invited to illustrate. In the end I didn’t get to illustrate the book because the writer was looking for something completely different than what I usually do so we decided it was better for the writer to find another illustrator.
However, I really liked to test my creativity with this illustration.


Esta foi uma ilustração teste que fiz para um livro de ilustração infantil ao qual fui convidada a ilustrar. No final, decidimos não continuar a trabalhar juntas (com a escritora), porque o que ela pretendia era completamente diferente do que já fiz até hoje.
No entanto, gostei de testar a minha criatividade nesta ilustração.

Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! my name is Catarina and I'm an artist and a freelance illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal! Dreamer. Thinker. Introvert. Love psychology and self-knowledge, knowledge, culture, traveling.

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