Creative Process – work in progress / Processo Criativo – em progresso

Creative Process / Processo Criativo
September 19, 2017

This is a painting in progress.
I used to test several creative solutions while using Photoshop and an intuos wacom tablet for desktop. But now with these new tablets, I can just take a picture of my paintings at home and then sketch several creative solutions on top of the pictures of the paintings anywhere outside. It’s very practical and it helps me a lot. My painting work is mostly based on creating creative compositions right now so this really helps.
I also find that being always inside a studio can make me feel like a hermit so it has been really useful to incorporate this into my creative process. I use the Lenovo yoga book which, by the way, is very similar to my intuos tablet. It lets me paint on the wacom surface as well as on the screen.
Esta é uma pintura em progresso.
Costumava testar soluções criativas usando o Photoshop e a intuos 5. Mas com estas novas tablets, eu posso simplesmente tirar uma fotografia em casa e depois testar soluções criativas por cima das fotografias nas apps de desenho em qualquer lugar. Ajuda-me imenso, porque assim não preciso de estar sempre fechada no atelier tipo eremita e às vezes o ar fresco ajuda a dar novas ideias.
Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi my name is Catarina Garcia and I'm an artist and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. Feel free to comment and browse!

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