September 2, 2015
This big drawing is also based on my dancing drawings. However, I was trying to add a structure to it, and idea of space. I ended up doing that through mark-making and through the use of specific materials. Something to develop. I may still work on this one more. It was my final drawing, part of a 3rd week intensive course in London.

This trip to London was great for me (I was there for 4 weeks), because I got to see a place where quality was cherished, where knowledge was cherished.

Este grande desenho foi baseado nos meus desenhos da dança. No entanto, estava a tentar arranjar uma estrutura, estava a pensar no espaço. Acabei por fazê-lo através de marcas e pelo uso de materiais específicos. Algo a desenvolver. Foi o meu desenho final, parte do meu curso intensivo em Londres.
Esta viagem foi muito boa para mim pois o lugar valoriza muito a qualidade e o conhecimento.
Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi my name is Catarina Garcia and I'm an artist and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. Feel free to comment and browse!

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