The Expanded Field of Drawing, Short Summer Course Exhibition , Slade School

Drawing / Desenho Exposição
August 12, 2015

I’ve been in London for almost 3 weeks now to be part of “The Expanded Field of Drawing” short summer course. It has been an amazing experience and we’re now opening for people to see the results – this Friday!
I’ve been ill very recently, for months, so to be part of this has been amazing for me 🙂 Will update the blog with the works as soon as I have time because this experience, although amazing, has been exhausting for me and I still have one extra week in London.
I know it may seem crazy that after being ill for several months I immediately start a new experience in another country, but that’s just how I am.

Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! my name is Catarina and I'm an artist and a freelance illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal! Dreamer. Thinker. Love knowledge, self-knowledge, culture, travelling.

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