Acrylic / Acrílico Painting / Pintura

Imagined Dream Painting / Pintura

May 18, 2011

A painting about dreaming, dancing, dance, dream, melancholia, movement, introspection, playing, living, suffering.. An introvert way to view the world through the eyes of a child or something like a Peter Pan complex… I didn’t know how this was going to be finished when I started it. Available for sale at my Etsy Shop, check it at this link: Imagined Dream Painting – Original – Imagination, Daydream, Horses, Children, Introspection 

After my solo exhibition in febuary I decided to change some of the canvases. This was the first. I added some details to the figures and then I tried to build a more complex and unified composition. This work is currently at Trindade Gallery in Oporto, if you’re interested you can ask to see it there.

   Depois da minha exposição em Fevereiro decidi mudar algumas das telas que lá estavam expostas. Esta foi a primeira. Acrescentei mais detalhes às figuras e tentei tornar a composição mais complexa e uniforme.
Este trabalho pode ser visto actualmente no acervo da Galeria Trindade no Porto e irá estar presente na exposição colectiva de verão.

Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi my name is Catarina Garcia and I'm an artist and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. Feel free to comment and browse!

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