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India Ink Drawings / Desenhos a tinta-da-china

October 16, 2009

India ink and brush on paper / Tinta-da-china (nanquim) e pincel sobre papel 

I bought a second water brush just for India Ink just like Sara Simões had told me to do some time ago. It is worth it. This way I’m able to draw with brushes everywhere!

* * *

Comprei um segundo pincel de água para poder usá-lo com tinta-da-china (nanquim no Brasil) tal como a Sara Simões me tinha dito para fazer há uns tempos atrás. Vale a pena para poder desenhar a pincel em todo o lado!

Catarina Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! my name is Catarina and I'm an artist and a freelance illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal! Dreamer. Thinker. Introvert. Love psychology and self-knowledge, knowledge, culture, traveling.

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